About me

I am a sworn translator of English, entered on the list of the Ministry of Justice under the number TP / 95/17. I graduated from the University of London and Imperial College London in Great Britain. I have been translating for many years, working with companies as well as individual clients.

I provide certified translations (so-called sworn) as well as standard and specialist translations in both directions, from Polish to English and from English to Polish.

I specialize in written translations in the field of IT, technology, business, finance, law and economics, as well as interpreting weddings and other events. I also have experience in translating medical certificates, registration documents and administrative decisions.

As a person of public trust, I follow the rules of professional ethics contained in the Code of Sworn Translator. The standard of my work is:

  • high quality of the translation
  • punctuality
  • absolute confidentiality of the information provided

Michał Hoffman MSc MEng DIC ACGI